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Associated Research 7715 20kV @ 10mA AC Medidor de Hipot

Associated Research 7715 2
Associated Research 7715
Precio: $11,158.80 Dólares+IVA

Disponibilidad: 2-4 semanas
Codigo del Producto: 7715AR

Model 7715, 20KV AC Hipot - Automated Dielectric Withstand Analyzer
The 7715 is a 20 KV AC Hipot tester that is designed to provide high AC output voltage for cable, wire, harness and electrical component testing. This easy-to-use bench top tester offers numerous features for safe and efficient testing, including our patented SmartGFI® safety circuit. In addition, the 7715 can also be used in tandem with our Autoware® control software.
  • Storage of 50 setups with 8 steps per setup.
  • RS-232 or GPIB interface available

Additional key features:

SmartGFI® - The patented SmartGFI is a high speed shut down circuit that provides maximum operator protection. If the circuit detects excessive leakage to ground it shuts down the high voltage in less than 1 millisecond. SmartGFI is automatically activated if the DUT is not grounded. The operator does not need to make the decision whether to activate the SmartGFI.
Digitaly Controlled ARC Detection - The ability of a circuit to detect the short duration current spikes normally in the range of 10 microseconds which have peak amplitudes in the milliamp range. These high frequency spikes normally appear on the peaks of the output wave prior to catastrophic or destructive arc breakdown which result in complete failure of the insulation.
Standard Items Included:
Item Description Qty
07715 7715 Instrument 1
MANUAL Owner's Manual 1
38736 Cable Assy Return 1
38686 Cable Assy HV 20kV 1
37800 Rack Mount Bracket 2
37801 Rack Mount Handle 2
37780 Fuse 6.3Amp SB 1
Note: Signal Test is only authorized to ship Associated Research products to: California, USA and Nevada, USA. Also, Baja California, Mexico and Sonora, Mexico.

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