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Elgar CW1251M, Fuente de Poder AC Manual, 1250 VA, 45-500Hz, 0~135Vrms/9.4Arms o 0~270Vrms/4.7Arms (seleccionable)

Elgar CW1251M
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Codigo del Producto: CW1251M

Detalle del producto
  • Wide range PFC Input
  • Low THD and AC noise
  • Advanced Measurement Available
  • Field Parallel Configurable
  • Multiple Units Configurable for Poly-Phase Operation

The ContinousWave (CW) is designed for testing single or polyphase electronics.
The CW is well suited for applications requiring a cost-effective low profile AC source.

Applications include:

  • Testing for real world sine wave power conditions
  • 400 Hz testing for avionics equipment
  • 50/60 Hz margin testing
  • Ballast testing
  • Components testing
  • Power supply testing for AC to DC converters

Manual CW Features And Benefits
The manual series front panel knobs (10 turn potentiometers) allow quick adjustment of voltage, current and frequency settings. Frequency and voltage can be programmed remotely using a 0 to 5V analog signal. LED’s indicate: output-on, voltage or current mode operation, fault and slave modes. Models can also be paralleled in the field or configured
for three phase operation using a factory supplied cable. Current shutdown or foldback modes can be selected from a rear panel switch.

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