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Fluke Networks LRPRO-KIT Kit de Prueba Extendido del LinkRunner PRO

Fluke Networks LRPRO-KIT
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Código del Producto: LRPRO-KIT

At a Glance
  • Link at 10/100/Gig – identify device capabilities and confirm actual connected speed/duplex status on copper or fiber(Duo only) links
  • Ping key devices – measure response statistics of DHCP, default router, DNS server, and other key devices or URLs
  • Verify 802.1X settings – authenticate on 802.1X secured networks; enter EAP type, user name, certificates, and password. (LinkRunner Duo supports up to 2k certificates. LinkRunner Pro supports up to 1k certificates.)
  • Detect PoE service – verify availability, voltage level, and pairs of Power over Ethernet per IEEE 802.3af specifications
  • Identify switch port – identify nearest switch address, slot, and port with Cisco, Extreme, and IEEE Link Layer Discovery Protocols
  • Test cable wiremap – test wiremap and length; detect miswires, shorts, split pairs or opens; measure distance to faults with TDR
  • Locate and ID cable – use IntelliTone digital toning, hub blink feature, or optional cable IDs to locate cables at patch panels or wall jacks
  • Document test results – save link, ping, PoE, security, and cable test results in unit and upload to PC with USB cable

Product Capabilities

Today’s connectivity problems are more complex than ever. Users demand Gigabit connectivity. IT departments enforce stronger standards like 802.1X. And technologies like VoIP and WLAN have given rise to a greater reliance on PoE for power.

The LinkRunner Pro and Duo recognize this, and empower technicians to address today’s challenges with powerful new features and reporting capabilities. And, following the tradition of the original LinkRunner, they are designed for simplicity and ease-of-use to ensure rapid deployment and concise answers.

Vision to resolve a broader range of today’s link connectivity problems. That’s Network SuperVision.™ That’s Fluke Networks’ promise to you.

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