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Geotest GX6062 Multiplexor de RF 12 grupos de 1X4 con Ancho de Banda de 200 MHz para el Bus PXI 6U

Geotest GX6062
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Código del Producto: GX6062

Especificaciones Técnicas


Multiple switching configurations
Hi-density RF switching
200MHz bandwidth
12 Groups of 1x4
The GX6062 is a high-density 6U PXI RF switching card that provides 200MHz bandwidth and multiple switching configurations. The GX6062 has 12 groups of 1x4 differential, non-terminated RF multiplexers. The 12 groups can be used to create multiple configurations including: 6 x 1:9, 3 x 1:19, 2 x 1:29, 1x1:59, and more. The GX6062 switching card plugs directly into any 6U PXI chassis.


Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)
RF Communications
Engineering verification
Parametric measurements
High-density switching systems


The architecture of the GX6062 consists of 12 switching groups. In each group, each channel can be connected to any of the other four channels in its group. Additional relays connect adjacent groups. Using these additional relays, larger groups of 2x1: 29, 1x1: 59 etc, can be formed.


The GX6062 is supplied with a software package that includes a virtual panel standalone application, driver, and on-line documentation. The virtual panel can be used to interactively control the instrument from a window that displays the current instrument settings and allows you to control and change them. The driver is a library of functions that is used to control and change the instrument settings from within your application. The instrument driver is provided for Windows operating systems (32-bit DLL). In addition to the driver library, various interface files provide access to the library from your favorite programming tools and languages. These interface files support programming from ATEasy, Microsoft and Borland C/C++, Microsoft Visual Basic, Borland Delphi and more.


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