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Geotest GX7400 Modulo de Fuente de Poder Programable para Bus PXI 6U Salida Dual

Geotest GX7400
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Disponibilidad: 4 a 6 Semanas
Código del Producto: GX7400A

Especificaciones Técnicas
Two outputs, programmable or fixed
Read back voltage and current at output
Over-voltage and over-current protection
Over-temperature and short circuit protection
Remote inhibit via front panel output connector
Power supply outputs isolated from each other

The GX7400 is a dual output programmable DC power supply designed for use in PXI systems. The GX7400 occupies three 6U slots and is controlled via the PXI bus. The AC power is provided using a panel mounted receptacle. The power supplies are fully isolated and can be externally connected in series to provide higher voltage. Each of the dual outputs can accommodate a programmable or a fixed power supply module.


Power Supply Testing
Automated Test Equipment (ATE)
R&D Verification Systems

Two Power Modules

The GX7400 is a modular power supply that can accommodate two power modules: programmable or fixed. The power section is optically isolated from the PXI bus and the outputs are isolated from each other. A 14-bit DAC and a 16-bit A/D provide extremely accurate programming and readback capabilities.


The GX7400 is supplied with software drivers to support development environments such as: Microsoft Visual C++, Borland C, ATEasy, Microsoft Visual Basic, Borland Pascal, Borland Delphi, and more. A virtual panel is provided for standalone applications and debug mode. The GX7400 provides the following programming libraries:

32-bit MS-Windows DLL - used by WIN32 applications running under Windows 95 and Windows NT.

16-bit MS-Windows DLL (Dynamic Link Library) - used by 16-bit Windows applications running under Windows 3.1.

DOS static libraries - Microsoft format and Borland format - used by DOS applications compiled with Microsoft or Borland development tools.

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