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Leader 5835 Stereo Audio Monitor

Leader 5835
Leader 5835
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Código del Producto: 5835


Parallel connected male and female type XLR Cannon connectors are

provided as standard for the balanced input configuration, enabling

direct monitoring the lines required in broadcasting studio, production

studio, recording studio, and remote pickup applications.

A stereo polarity discrimination function (patent pending) enables

easy extraction and screen display of the audio signal during editing

of commercial tapes, and when monitoring the output waveform from

a broadcast stereo signal.

This greatly simplifies the task of checking the phase of the stereo


The 5835 is housed in a standard EIA half-rack size cabinet,

simplifying rack mounting and use in systems in combination with

other equipment.

A 150 mm post-acceleration (12 kV) type CRT ensures a bright


The scale-illumination lamp can be replaced easily from the front


A spot killer blanks the trace with no signal applied to prevent burn-in

of the CRT phosphor.

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