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AEA Technology 5006-5001 Modelo 140-525 Analizador SWR de Antenas Portatil. Analizador de 135 a 525 MHz

AEA Technology 5006-5001
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Codigo del Producto: 5006-5001


AEA Technology's 140-525 Analyzer is a graphical antenna analyzer covering 135 to 525 MHz that speeds visualization of VSWR and Return Loss plots. The onscreen plot allows you to quickly determine the best match frequency and the 2:1 bandwidth points. 140-525 has 15 memories for plot storage and a relative Field Strength meter to determine if there is excessive RF in the testing area.

At 20 ounces, the 140-525 Analyzer is light weight and easily hand held. With the Analyst Director Software (Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP compatible) to interface with your PC, you have endless curve storage and printout capability.

The 140-525 and its software is a powerful, yet cost effective, VHF/UHF testing tool set that should be in every Engineer/Technicians tool box.
  • Return Loss and VSWR modes.
  • Auto Scaling.
  • Auditory cues.
  • Signal generator mode.
  • Relative Field strength measurements.
  • Self Test and calbration functions.
  • Battery Saver auto-off and auto-hold functions.
  • Non-volatile memory.
  • Storage for 15 plots.
  • SuperTwist display for better contrast and viewing angles.
  • Compatible with Nicad batteries.
  • Optional Windows™ Analyst Director Software.
  • Plot transfer between PC and 140-525.
  • Simultanious multiple plot viewing in memory mode.

 High accuracy when checking or tuning antennas.
 Ability to archive and print plots for documentation.
 Lightweight, portable, and battery power capability.

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