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California Instruments 1251RP Convertidor de Frecuencia Electricidad CA Portable. Nuevo de Fabrica.

California Instruments 1251RP
California Instruments 1251RP Convertidor de Frecuencia Electricidad CA Portable. Nuevo de Fabrica.
Precio: $6,428.50 Dólares+IVA

Disponibilidad: 6 a 8 Semanas
Código del Producto: 1251RP

The RP Series consists of four models, 801RP, 1251RP, 2001RP and 2003RP. These units are ideal sources for general purpose AC power applications that require variable voltage and frequency at power levels up to 2000 VA. The 2003RP provides three phase output, all other models provide single phase output. With simple knobs used to set voltage, frequency and current limit, the RP Series provides an inexpensive source of AC power in a small and lightweight package. All RP Series power source models can be used in table-top mode or rack-mounted.

Controller Capabilities
The RP Series uses a precision digital sinewave generator to produce a low distortion output . Dual LCD readouts clearly display programmed settings for voltage, current limit and frequency. Load current is measured using true RMS sensing and can be displayed on the front panel as well. Adjusting voltage, frequency and current limit is accomplished using a set of digitally encoded rotary knobs. For ATE applications, both IEEE-488 and RS232C interfaces are available as an option.

The wide output frequency range of 16 Hz to 500 Hz (801RP and 1251RP) or 16 Hz to 5000 Hz (2001RP and 2003RP) make the RP Series suitable sources for both commercial and avionics applications. Dual voltage ranges provide maximum output current at any programmed voltage up to 270 Volt (801RP, 1251RP and 2003RP) or 300 Volt (2001RP). The built in rms. current measurement function eliminates the need for external current shunts or transformers to monitor load current. For front panel operation, the RP Series features simple and intuitive controls for setting voltage, frequency and current limits. Current drawn by the load can be read directly on the large LCD display with 100 mA resolution (801RP and 1251RP) or 1 mA resolution (2001RP and 2003RP). With the addition of the RS232C and IEEE-488 interface option, the RP Series sources can be used in automated test environments. Since the RP Series offers a high power to size ratio, requiring limited rack height, they can be used to upgrade existing ATE stations or build new ones.
The 2003RP provides three phase output and is a very cost effective AC power source for Avionics applications, especially in the -AV version.
The included PC control program (requires -IF option for 801RP and 1251RP or -OP1 option for 2001RP and 2003RP) supports transient generation to simulate real-world AC line conditions like brown-outs, voltage sags, surges and frequency fluctuations.

Remote Control


The optional remote control interface allows complete control of all AC source functions and provides measurement data to the controller. This allows the RP Series AC source to be used as a low cost AC test system. A Windows™ Graphical User Interface (GUI) program is included with the interface option. Automatic power cycling and transient generation is made possible with the use of this GUI program. The GUI output control, measurement and transient screens are shown here. For quality assurance applications, measured voltage, current and VA readings can be logged to disk for documentation and analysis purposes. All data recorded is time stamped to create a complete history of each test run.
Up to eight often used front-panel setups can be stored in non-volatile memory for quick recall from the PC controller through the interface. If needed, the front panel can be locked out to prevent operator intervention during test runs.
The 2001RP and 2003RP offer additional features over the bus such as the ability to select the turn-on or turn-off phase angle of the output voltage. This capability, combined with the peak current measurement function, enables inrush current analysis of a unit under test.

AC Transient Generation


Transient programming is supported by the GUI program with user defined transient lists of up to 100 steps. Available transient functions are voltage step, voltage drop, voltage sweep, voltage surge/sag, frequency step, frequency sweep, frequency surge/sag as well as functions that combine both voltage and frequency changes. The intuitive Windows ™ interface greatly facilitates creating and storing often used transient programs. Transient programs can be recalled from disk and executed once, continuously or a specified number of times. Editing functions such as delete and insert make it easy to modify or expand existing programs. This capability makes it easy to evaluate products for immunity to common AC line disturbances such as brownouts, surges, swells, sags and frequency variations.
Program AC Power Worldwide Model 801RP / 1251RP
· Programmable Power, Low Cost

Cost effective solution for wide range of AC power tests

· 800 VA or 1250 VA Output Power

Capable of handling most single phase applications

· Front and Rear Outputs

Connect load to front panel outlets or rear panel terminal block for maximum convenience

· 16 Hz to 500 Hz Frequency Range

Utility and Avionics applications

· High Peak Current Capability

Drives a wide variety of non-linear loads

· Remote Control Option

IEEE-488 and RS232C Interface for automated test applications

Compact AC Power

With European and US outlet sockets to connect the load, the 801RP and 1251RP programmable AC power sources are ideal for a wide variety of applications.

Universal, Power Factor Corrected (PFC) input allows these products to be used anywhere in the world to provide a convenient source of variable utility power for the testing and evaluation of domestic and commercial equipment. All common line voltage and frequency combinations are covered.

In addition, the frequency range covers 500 Hz, making these products ideal for commercial and defense avionics applications.

A built in current measurement function eliminates the need for an external current shunt or transformer. Load current of the UUT (Unit Under Test) can be read directly on the large LCD display to 0.1 A. For additional protection, a current limit function can be set from zero to the maximum current rating.

Easy To Use Controls

Front panel digital rotary encoders are used to set voltage and frequency.

These controls have an analog feel, with the precision and reliability of digital circuits. Settings are read directly on the large high contrast LCD displays.

Dual output voltage ranges of 135 Vrms L-N and 270 Vrms L-N, provide maximum current at the required voltage.

The output frequency can be varied from 16 Hz up to 500 Hz to cover both avionics and utility power applications.

IEC 1000-3-2 Test Applications

The low total harmonic distortion of the output makes the 801RP and 1251RP suitable AC sources for IEC 1000-3-2 Current Harmonics pre compliance testing. Loads requiring up to 4.6 Arms at 230 Vrms with peak currents up to 12 A can be tested with the 1251RP while the 801RP can supply up to 3.0 Arms. This covers many loads that fall under the IEC standard.

Quality Control

For product quality test applications, the 801RP and 1251RP can be used to simulate line conditions found anywhere in the world. This ensures products destined for export will operate as designed.

Avionics Applications

As an affordable and reliable source of 400 Hz AC power, both units are well suited for commercial and defense avionics applications. Both unit can easily be integrated into avionics ATE systems.

Functional Design

The small form factor and low weight of these units make them convenient to use in a variety of locations. Removable rubber feet protect the work surface if the unit is used in a bench top mode. The 3.5 inch height saves valuable rack space when compared to conventional AC power sources at this power level.

Extensive Transient Control1

With the addition of the remote control interface option, 801RP and 1251RP units are capable of producing transients with a high degree of user programmability. Setting up transient programs is facilitated by a Windows Graphical User Interface program that allows amplitude, frequency and event duration to be programmed from a PC.

Time resolution is 1 ms (0.001 sec) with a minimum time interval ranging from 10 to 40 ms, depending on the transient type. Transient programming allows the effects of common line disturbances such as voltage surges, sags, drop-outs and frequency fluctuations on the unit under test to be evaluated.

Remote or Local Operation

For automated test equipment (ATE) applications, the RP Series units can be outfitted with both IEEE-488 and RS232C using the -IF option. A front panel lock out mode is supported on both models if operator interaction with the AC source is not required or desired.

SCPI Protocol Programming Commands

All functions of the 801RP and 1251RP are completely programmable over the IEEE-488 or RS232C bus. For example, the following tasks can be performed over the bus:

· Set voltage to any level

· Change frequency

· Generate 10 ms or longer voltage dropouts

· Measure rms current, voltage and apparent power

· Recall eight complete instrument setups from non-volatile memory with a single SCPI command

· Reset the instrument

· Adjust current limit value

· Lock the front panel to prevent operator interference

· Switch between high and low voltage range

· Turn output on and off

Application Software

Windows 98™ or Windows 2000™ application software is included with the remote control interface option. This easy to use graphical interface program provides complete control over all instrument functions using either the RS232C or IEEE-488 interface. With enhanced capabilities such as data logging to file and Dynamic Data Exchange to other Windows programs, many applications can be addressed without the need for writing custom code.

Remote Control

The RP Series can be ordered with a combined RS232C and IEEE-488 remote control interface option. A Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI) program is included with either option for PC control applications.

Ordering Information

801RP 800 VA rack-mount AC source

1251RP 1250 VA rack-mount AC Source


-FN Floating Neutral output.

-IF IEEE-488 and RS232C Interface

-ISS International Socket Strip

-ISR Rack mounted ISS

-L22 Locking knobs

-RI Remote Inhibit Input (Req. -IF)

-RMS Rack Slides (P/N 210367)

Line Cord Options:

Continental Europe PC1

Australia / New Zealand PC2

UK / Ireland etc. PC3

Denmark PC4

India PC5

Israel PC6

Italy PC7

Switzerland PC9

North America* PC10

* One North American Line cord is included. Optional line cords are straight, adding about 1 inch of depth to unit.

Supplied with:

· North American Line Power Cord

· USA and European line output mating connector

· Instruction Manual

· Windows™ Graphical User Interface and RS232C cable (with -IF option)
California Instruments 801RP 1251RP Frequency Converter

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